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Sign up from anywhere in the world and complete website reviews in your own time. Our flexible platform is ideal for earning extra cash from home. You don’t need prior experience; just complete a sample review to become a qualified website reviewer.

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  • A PC/Mac with an internet connection and a microphone (most laptops have in-built microphones)
  • A great can-do attitude

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Your entire screen and audio get recorded. We need to record your screen to see the website you're reviewing as well as how you interact with the website. Your audio is recorded so we can voice your opinions out loud.

By capturing your screen, we’re able to see how you navigate and use websites e.g. use the search feature over the menu. We record your audio as this allows you to express your thoughts out loud. For example, you can tell us your likes/dislikes of the page you’re on and how it could be improved.

If your sample website review is approved, you’ll start receiving emails with the opportunity to complete a paid review. Timing depends on the quality of your first review.

Yes. You’ll need to download our screen recorder, which you can do when you sign up to become a qualified website reviewer.

You can earn money online with UserTest by completing paid website reviews. You receive paid reviews to complete when you have an approved sample. review

The signup process is dead easy! Complete a short, 5 minute sample website review and you’re all set. Apply here!.

No. Our reviewers can be found worldwide. The only constraint is your country must be eligible for PayPal. You can see the list here.

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